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Why choose a Leather Jacket?

Bike Gear stocks a huge selection of  motorcycle leather jackets, including well known brands such as RST, Spada, Dainese, Alpinestars and Wolf.

What are the plus and minus points of buying a leather motorcycle jacket?

Leather jackets do tend to offer a higher safety level than textile motorcycle jackets in the event of contact with tarmac. All our leather motorcycle leather jackets have CE approved elbow and shoulder pads for added impact protection. Some also have C.E armour in the back, but please check the features page for full details. The general rule is that although leather jackets offer more abrasion resistance than a textile jacket, leather by it's nature, is not waterproof and is also a little more restrictive for rider movement. Our recomendation is go for a leather jacket and leather jeans if  riding for pleasure. If you are commuting, where weatherproofing and flexibility are maybe the higher priority, then go for a textile set.

Although leather jackets are generally slightly more expensive than textile jackets, they do have a higher longevity due to the nature of the cowhide, so leather jackets can become more cost effective.

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